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Goodbye Alfoo.

Today I lost one of my best friends, my dog of 12 years, Alfoo.

I think you don’t really realise how much of your life is consumed with love from pets.  Thankfully, I’ve had many loving pets in my lifetime & it’s always so sad to see them go.  Alfoo was especially hard as he was our family dog during my late teens & early adulthood.  He was loyal, handsome & always caring.  He was so obedient & loved to be around people.  He was never angry (until he was a little older) & the most beautiful thing was that in his dying days, he was still by our side, trying to make the most of every moment.

Thank you Alfoo for being our friend & a great family member.  You will be sorely missed.  Opie & Rondo miss you so much!  xo

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