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My 30th Birthday!

Thanks to all of my family & friends who celebrated my special birthday with me last night.  It surely was a night to remember!  & thank you so much for making such a great effort!  I’m still blown away!!  Much love to you all …… Read More

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The Amazing Jam Session

So, this video has been making the rounds this week on ze world wide webbies …. Jimmy Kimmel rounded up the famous trio for part 2 of that famous Texan jam session … Along with some special guests!  This is awesome.  Music is a beautiful… Read More

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Bye Bye 20’s. Hello 30’s.

9:46pm & it’s the last evening before to my 30th birthday.  I’ve really held back in the past years in regards to blogging about personal stuff on my blog, just because I think I became more socially aware that potential colleagues & / or employers… Read More

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