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I Don’t Get It.

So tonight … This is a doozy.  I came home from a date tonight … At 9:30pm.  From a date that started at about 7:45pm.  Why so early you say?  Well, I’ll tell you friends.  If you come to a date so hammered that you… Read More

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Good Morning.

Waking up in the mornings are a total struggle for me!  But I do love waking up with the sunlight shining beautifully through the window.  I hope everyone (in Australia) is enjoying their day off! P.S.  Look at all the freckles I have!

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Erykah Badu In Melbourne

Last Tuesday (15th April 2014), Ms. Erykah Badu kiiiiiiiiilled her Melbourne show.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never seen her perform before.  But you know, being in the front row from a show has a really low chance of sucking so… Read More

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My Lolo …

It’s been a crazy week … I just started a new role, had a few gigs to attend & I spent my grandpa’s last days with him.  It never gets easier … Losing grandparents hurts, despite them dying of old age.  As sad as I… Read More