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Welcome To My New Digs!

Hiya boys & girls!

Welcome welcome welcome to my new website!  I’m so glad that you’ve stopped by!  I decided to move my blog earlier this year.  But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to move all of my previous blog content over so I’ve decided to start fresh!  The good thing – hopefully a cleaner & more easier-to-navigate blog so you can find all of your musical needs (within reason though!).  Bad thing – I still had a few blog posts that I wanted to before moving to the new site.  So I promise I’ll make this super easy for you & provide links to previous posts.  There’ll be a little navigating between the two sites.  But together we can get through it!

Anyways, enjoy yourself.  Kick your feet up & scroll through this bad boy.  Any questions, please feel free to hit me up via this contact form!  I will endeavour to write back!

~ Rox

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