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Pharrell Joins Forces With Adidas

I so love how Complex Mag called this a month ago but it’s now official!  Pharrell is going to collaborate with Adidas!

According to Pharrell in an exclusive interview with Women’s Wear Daily, “Adidas is giving me a great opportunity to develop products which I love.”

Pharrell also boasts modesty when it come to working with the global brand.  “I’m definitely not on the level of these people, who are real designers and do this as a profession. I’m more of a student,” he said.  “Luckily over the years I have found great collaborators and business partners who have helped me share these ideas. I look forward to working with Dirk Schoenberger and his team at Adidas. Thus far they have made it really easy for me.”

Could this be Adidas’ “take over” year?  It could possibly be that way with Adidas’ signing fashionistas, Kanye West & Nigo.  This photo kinda sums it up …


Read more on Pharrell’s interview here with Women’s Wear Daily & look forward to what Pharrell & Adidas create!  I hope it will be amazing!


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      Thank you so much for your positive feedback! I truly appreciate it! I just had a quick peak at your blog & your pics & style is amazing! Looking forward to your future posts.

      – Roxanne

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