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Adidas ZX Flux “Multi”

So, my friends were giving me grief last night because I left a social gathering early to sleep & wake up to buy shoes.  I don’t think they understood that I wanted these shoes so badly (think about those people who got shot or camped outside a shoe store for days for a pair of Jordan’s.  Kinda a little bit below that level).  Can I just say, I arrived at the Adidas store in Chadstone at 9:03am & there were already 6 people in the store trying on the Multi’s.  & I’m like “I didn’t wake up this early to miss out!”

Adidas have dropped new designs in their ZX Flux range.  This will be available online, in stores & at selected retailers.  For me, the ZX Flux range is a strong competitor to Nike’s Roshe Run collection, which also are a lifestyle shoe, in other words, your “chill” sneaker.

But what makes the ZX Flux range different is that they have dropped the “Photo Pack”, which comprises of 3 designs that essentially replicate a photo on your shoe.  Robert Brooks, who is an avid Adidas sneaker freaker says that Photo Print Pack “tell stories”.  Check out a snippet from Brooks below.

Obviously, the Multicolour Prism design is my favourite as it best represents me – colourful, different & a crazy blend of different that (hopefully) makes something beautiful.  But don’t you worry.  The other 2 designs are not to far behind in this favourites competition.  I’ve never seen anything like the Waves design & the graphics used in the black version are really somethin’ else.   What’s your favourite?

For more info on the ZX Flux Photo Print Pack drop, check out the Adidas Australia website.  As these dropped today, expect that the 1st batch will sell out soon.  Hopefully Adidas can accommodate for the masses.


    • Hi Sim,

      These are definitely a casual shoe. Not recommended for running as well. I thought it would be a great gym shoe. But it’s just a cool shoe for looks.

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