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Allen Stone In Melbourne

Last night, I went the hat-trick with Allen Stone.  Yup.  Last night, I saw Allen perform for the 3rd time in less than 2 years!  The first time was in my beloved Atlanta & my mind was blown.  The 2nd time was in Melbourne & I thought, “Nah.  It can’t beat the 1st time I saw him.”  Ah … Yeah.  I freakin sung Unaware to Allen with him on one knee being my microphone (best thing that’s ever happened to me).  & well, as they … 3rd time’s a charm!  & boy did Allen charm the pants off The Corner Hotel.  Allen definitely has more of a following this time ’round & he came in with a lot of of fun, a spoonful of sass & a whole lot of soul, Allen won more hearts in the flesh by celebrating life & music with other life & music lovers.  It really was a beautiful moment.

Now, I never complain about being in the front row.  But man!  I couldn’t take any good photos on my blog because it was literally stage & then crowd (not like that’s a bad thing at all).  But wow wow wee!  My videos captured some great live performances from Allen.  I don’t think there’s a song where Allen wasn’t killin’ it.  But to hear him perform one of my faves, Figure It Out live absolutely made my night!

Allen’s support act, The Harpoons were hella nice as well!  Some funky tracks in their collection!  Be sure to check out their Bandcamp page here.

Allen Stone – thank you so much for contributing in making #GIGLIFE one of my favourite things in the whole wide world.  You’re super talented & a rad dude.  Keep slayin’ it in life.  I less than 3 you.  ❤

& now for some vids from the show!  Be sure to check out for a few free drops of Allen’s music.  Your iTunes will thank you for it.  😉

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