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Pharrell’s Promo Video Of “Come Get It Bae” For The NBA Playoffs

Who watched the first lot of games of the NBA Playoffs?  So … What are we thinking?  The 4 teams that have caught my attention for this round has to the GSW v. Clips & Houston v. Portland.  I think for me, they are on equal playing field & it would be a great series for both playoffs.

During the game breaks, I saw this promo vid play.  Soooo cool.  What can I say, I love Pharrell (as y’all know).  & I also love that they shot this at the “Urban Lights” exhibit at LACMA in LA.  Gosh.  I miss the States so much & I remember when I went there, Edwin took some amazing photos there.  Check out the cool promo vid below!  Look at P’s goose neck & his crossover moves!  Check out some behind-the-scenes footage here!

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