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Alicia Keys & John Legend In Melbourne

Oh gosh.  I hate / love coming home from a concert & having this magical music high that makes me feel like I’m floating on cloud 9.  Last night I witnessed a great show by Alicia Keys & John Legend.  Now we all know that back in April 2011, this night happened.  & yeah, it was pretty amazing.  So seeing John again live was just so good.  He truly is one of my favourite artists of all time (I can’t wait for his side show coming up in a days).  Now Alicia, I love her.  I probably love her older stuff.  But still, she is a beautiful vocalist.  I saw her many years during her “Songs in A Minor” tour, which was great.  But because we were sitting at the back, I didn’t really enjoy the show.  But this show, we were 10 rows from the front & it was awesome!  She was just churning out the hits!

All-in-all, I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  You really got your money’s worth at this show.  I can’t wait to see both artists perform again.

& now, for some pics & vids!

John Legend was fantastic!  & thanks John for giving us some love during your show.  Us girls were the only ones standing during your performance!

IMG_6662 IMG_6663 IMG_6683

Halftime break!


Alicia did not disappoint!  What a voice!

IMG_6699 IMG_6715

IMG_6724 IMG_6742

IMG_6750 IMG_6766


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