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Bruno Mars In Melbourne

I would be 100% lying if I told you that Bruno this time around triumphed the 1st Bruno show I went to.  Because let’s face it kids, that day back in April 2011 was kinda like the best day of my life.  Photo proof of that great day …

204334_10150156310031028_584101027_6747380_1189824_o (copy)

But I digress, Bruno’s 1st show in Melbourne was a freakin’ hoot!  I enjoyed every moment.  He was amazing on the big stage.  & although I prefer a more intimate show, the production, the sequence of songs performed, the charisma on stage was top notch!  Enough talking.  here are the pics & vids.

Can I just say, Miguel is so underrated here in Australia.  I would’ve thought that he would have a bigger following.  But I’ve heard mixed reactions of his performance.  I really enjoyed his performance.  He has great songs & has great stage presence.  I’m pretty sure everyone around me murmured “HE IS SO HOT!” every time he pelvic-thrusted.  I can’t wait for Miguel to bring a solo show down here in Australia.


& now, my darling boo boo rockin’ his thang thang.  Bruno is so adorable … Gah!!  It kills me!!

Bruno & his band are just on-point.  Their stage presence has really improved since 2011.  Their banter & their cohesion on stage really looks great.  Seriously, if you can catch Bruno live, I highly recommend it.  You are just entertained from the get-go!

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