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Future Music Festival 2014

This is definitely one day that nothing in life can take away from us.  My words cannot express the happiness I felt on this day.  Why?  Because actions speak louder than words.

I definitely felt that the day we had at Future Music Festival was one of those “Put it out there into the universe & it will come back to you” type of moments.  Like it really felt like that we truly believed that we were going to have this amazing experience … & we did.  I’m going to stop gushing about how rad this night was & I’m going to get into some specifics.

So Kirsty (everyone who reads my blog knows who my best friend Kirsty is) along with my darling Hattz hasn’t met Pharrell.  Ever.  They’ve had close encounters but have never met the dude.  Both Al & Baz have danced on stage with the Great Man.  & I have been very fortunate to have met Pharrell at a book signing in LA so really, our goal for Future Music Festival was to get these girls to meet Pharrell.

With Pharrell having a 4pm set & we had to lock our places in the front row of the main stage, we waited for 4 hours to see P.  We had drunk people, very very drug-fuelled people & just some whack-jobs really irritate us whilst waiting.  Maybe it was because we were sober.  Maybe it was because we were waiting in the hot 30-degree heat … Either way, it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

& finally, 4pm rolled around & we got to see this man…


Seriously, Pharrell knows how to rock a crowd.  This is a predominantly-EDM festival  … & he was throwin’ down the classics …

& then … Pharrell performed a track called “Hunter” on his new album titled G I R L (which I recommend everyone copping now if they haven’t).  Now, Hattz, the doll face she is, got t-shirts made up for us, which had the album pic on the front & the name of our fave track on the back.  & guess who had Hunter on the back of her tee … Yup.  Kirsty.  So once Pharrell starting singing, I was filming, yelling & pointing to Kirsty’s t-shirt (which at this point, she has taken off & waving the hell out of it to Pharrell) & then … Wait.  Why don’t I just showed you what happened …

So.  We were all pretty much *DEAD* after this point.  Everything AND more happened.  Wait.  Did the “And more” hit yet?  Nope.  Hattz, Inday, Tiny & I ended up on stage as well with Pharrell, dancing to Aerosol Can & Get Lucky.  Seriously, one of the illest moments of my life.


Oh.  By the way, for those wondering, we were on stage in front of 45,000 people.  How freakin’ rad is that?!

Once we finally get back to Earth, Kirst finally met Pharrell, got a bunch of pics with him & then we finally got to explore what else was happening & I finally got to catch that Canadian cutie, Kaytranada on the decks.


It was just nice to enjoy the atmosphere, see random friends, acquaintances & meeting new people whilst walking from one end of the festival to the other.

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Besides Pharrell being the ultimate thing that happened on this day, Kaytranada & Tinie Tempah were standout performers for me.  I’m spewing that I didn’t get to check out Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  I heard Rudimental was nuts.  But I digress.  it seriously was one of the greatest days ever.  Friends.  Music.  Moments of glory.  Its radness is off the radar.  #GIGLIFE

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